I can tell your story using

film, images, and #140charactersorless

to produce campaigns custom built

for you and your constituents

I work closely with you because I believe in what I do and with whom I work.

I will start by evaluating your goals and work alongside you to design and develop a strategic campaign to tell your story.   

The services I provide are:

  • Launching or relaunching your product, project, campaign or organization
  • Content management
  • Original content creation
  • Building your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, SnapChat, Tumblr and other emerging social media tools
  • Providing Marketing, Social Media, Digital Content, and Community Engagement Strategies
  • Workshop trainings for your staff or constituents in digital media planning, content strategy, and digital media creation
  • Workshop facilitation for young people in all aspects of digital content creation for blogs, social media, websites as well as long/short form documentary production
  • Growing grassroots campaigns that develop your targeted audience
  • Amplifying your event, conference, or festival beyond the room by leading an on-site news bureau (social media posters, camera crew, producers) that report news via posting, tweeting, photos and video news reports.  All collateral (footage and reportage) can be used for distribution and continued messaging
  • Developing partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals in support of your campaign
  • Digital advertising, earned media and connective content strategy
  • Website audits

Whatever your needs, I will help you design a campaign that grows your targeted audience and tells your story in a unique way. Always on time and always within budget.